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Green Island Reef Tour
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Ocean Free offers you the opportunity to experience the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef as it was intended. Cruise, sail, snorkel and scuba dive aboard personalised tours with fun and professional crew. Explore Green Island in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park with Ocean Free. Whether you snorkel, are an experienced or first time scuba diver, let us show you the incredible underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef and this stunning tropical island paradise.

Why Sail with us?

  • The most personal, customer-oriented Great Barrier Reef & Island tour in Cairns.
  • ONLY 25 guests maximum (surveyed for 52).
  • Escape the crowds. Ocean Free has an exclusive reef mooring, where only our guests snorkel and dive.
  • Ocean Free is the only sailing tour to offer reef and island destinations.
  • This is Cairns' only sailing tour where the engines really do get switched off (wind prevailing).
  • A truly personalised tour where you are a name not a number.
  • Experience this world renowned island, the only one on the Great Barrier Reef to have rainforest!

Our crew make the difference, with enthusiasm and service, ensuring all of our guests have a memorable and safe Great Barrier Reef Experience!

Green Island Snorkelling

Cairns Snorkelling on Green Island

Snorkelling is a great way to experience the reef. Our friendly and professional crew will assist snorkellers of all abilities, to ensure all get to experience this great activity. Be blown away by the different species and colours of corals. See an abundance of sea life on all of our protected sites. Learn about the reef on our guided snorkel tours and be informed by our marine guides.

Green Island Diving

Cairns Diving at Green Island

We take your enjoyment and safety of diving very seriously. Our crew are renowned for ensuring any first time diver (introductory diver) wishing to experience this amazing sport is given as much support as necessary - you don't even need to be able to swim! All certified divers are assessed and offered a free guide to ensure maximum enjoyment out of their dives. The highest ratio of dive instructor to diver is offered.


Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours are proud to announce that both their personal Great Barrier Reef Tours are now Advanced Eco Certified products.

Throughout our years of operating we have always had a strong commitment to protecting our beautiful Great Barrier Reef and showcasing this Great Wonder of the World to our guests through 2 personal, small number tours. We recently applied for our Advanced Eco Certification status to show our continued commitment to this. We are very pleased to say that this was granted to us and we can now proudly carry the logo.

View more information regarding our Environmental Policies and Projects.

Whale Watching

Whether sailing to Green Island or cruising to Upolu Cay and Reef, look out for humpback whales on their annual migration during the months of July- September - a truly awesome sight.

Cruise to Upulo Cay with Ocean Freedom

Cruise to Upolu Cay Reef & outer edge Upolu Reef with Ocean Freedom

Sister ship Ocean Freedom provides Cairns premier reef tours to Upolu Cay Reef and outer edge Upolu Reef Upolu Cay. This newly refurbished 5 star 20m luxury cruiser, guarantees six hours on the reef with two snorkel and dive sites. Ocean Freedom is the first boat to arrive at Upolu Cay Reef, so enjoy this pristine paradise uninterrupted. Be the first to swim in the crystal clear shallow turquoise waters surrounding Upolu Cay, enjoy a glass bottom boat tour, snorkel and dive in the stunning, turquoise waters. The best reef day tour lunch in town is served at 11.30am, a delicious smorgasbord of chicken, prawns, smoked salmon salads and breads. In the afternoon, explore the Wonder Wall on Upolu Reef's outer edge with its hard and soft corals, fans, clams and more. A great day out.

For more information about Ocean Freedom and cruising to Upolu Cay Reef, check out our Ocean Freedom website.

Green Island Reservations
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Snorkel and Dive Green Island

Snorkel and Dive Green Island

Inclusions: 4.5 hours at exclusive Green Island Great Barrier Reef mooring; snorkelling equipment & tuition; scuba diving demonstration; morning and afternoon tea; tropical smorgasbord lunch; glass of wine. Maximum 25 guests: cruise and sail.


Upolu Cay Reef Dive / Snorkel

Upolu Cay Dive/Snorkel

Inclusions: 6 hours on the Great Barrier Reef; 2 great locations the crystal clear, shallow waters surrounding Upolu Cay Reef & "Wonder Wall" on Outer Edge of Upolu Reef; glass bottom boat tour; adventure drift snorkelling tour; snorkelling equipment & tuition; lycra suits; reef talk presentation; morning and afternoon tea; tropical smorgasbord lunch.


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